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“My husband Brad served in the United State Marines for 11 years. He was a proud Marine Staff Sergeant until he took his last breath. My husband passed away almost 3 years ago. 

Since then, it's been difficult to deal with things around the house such as changing hard-to-reach light bulbs, hanging heavy items or mowing the lawn every week in the summer. 

Most things my husband did for us, so I've had learn how to do it myself.

I told myself, "I just can't do this job, the kids are too small to try and help…so I may have to wait 10 more years till my son gets old enough to help fix it.”

People have told me, “Let me know when you need help!” But in reality, it's difficult for me to actually ask others for help because I don’t want to bother them. I’ve found myself just ignoring the small things or when it comes to something large, I feel like I should just pay to have someone fix it. Sometimes it’s easier to just pay for it, than to try and ask for someone else’s help. 

Recently, I heard about "Second Helping" through A Soldiers Child.

Second Helping has helped me both physically and mentally. Previously, when something went wrong around the house, I could just ask my husband to take care of it. Now, through Second Helping, it’s almost like I have my husband back with me because I can ask for help and the job gets done! Knowing that I have a place to ask for help means the world to me. I don’t have to worry about trying to find a handyman or someone that might take a week to come out to my house to complete the job. With Second Helping, I order the job I need done in the Takl app and the Provider shows up on the same day I need the job done!

Thank you for the opportunity to express how much I Am Second: Second Helping means to me and has blessed me!!”

                                           -Yoko, Texas