“I wanted to let everyone know how happy and honored we were to receive the help from Second Helping.  

I am a single mother of a 3 year old, and I am also disabled and the sole source of income for us. A year ago, my mother became very ill with cancer, and my daughter and I moved to my parents house to help. I am a nurse by trade and was wanting to help any way that I could. My mother passed away in July, and I began the process of “parenting my parent”. My dad is 77, and has a two very bad knees. He is unstable on his feet, and falls often.

We had a mole issue all over our yard. Between the mole and our dog digging for the mole every chance she could, we had a multitude of holes in the yard. My dad and I get the yard work done, but both of us were turning our ankles & my dad fell several times because of these holes. We knew that they needed to be filled, but also knew it was too big of a job for us to do safely...or to have the energy for.

I have a friend that posted a link to the Takl website, and I went to see what it was all about. On that website, I was introduced to Second Helping. As I read the information, I thought “Why not apply?”.

I was quickly notified and given the Second Helping "code" to have this job done for us! The job was taken care of beautifully by Takl the next week.

We are so eternally grateful for this program, and the help it was to us. The yard is safer for my dad and myself, but most importantly for my daughter to be able to play outside safely! Thankfully, the moles are all gone, and the dog isn’t digging since she ran them all off! She has literally brought us 8 moles last summer alone! Yes, she is a little neurotic about them too! Lol

Thank you all for the wonderful services you provide. We will continue to pray for this organization as it grows and helps so many others! God bless you all!"


                     Ashland City, Tennessee

  (Myself and Rylee. She gets as much enjoyment from the patched holes as anyone in the house!!!!)

(Myself and Rylee. She gets as much enjoyment from the patched holes as anyone in the house!!!!)