Second Helping brings practical household help to veterans, single parent families, seniors and those experiencing financial difficulty.

Second Helping is an initiative of I Am Second.


We provide needed household projects, free of charge, for approved recipients through our collaboration with Takl

Takl is an on-demand home services app that connects self-employed providers with users who need chores and small jobs completed.


*Download app to see complete list of Takl chores



Here's how it works:

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You select the amount you’d like to give to Second Helping.


Those in need apply to receive a complimentary chore provided by Takl.


We connect your gift to an approved Second Helping recipient to complete their requested chore.



Click here to sponsor Takl chores for qualifying recipients.


I qualify for complimentary chores from Takl through Second Helping.


I Am Second is a movement meant to inspire people to live for God and for others. I Am Second tells the honest stories of people's lives and the real struggles of life. These stories from actors, musicians, athletes, business leaders and former drug addicts are meant to restore hope

At this very moment, your life is telling a story. You too can restore hope in someone else’s life through Second Helping.


Living Second starts now. 

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