Our Story



Started in 2017 in Franklin, TN as an initiative of I Am Second, our goal is to bring innovative care to those in need. We teamed up with our local friends over at Takl, creators of the on-demand home services app, to change lives through everyday chores. Not everyone has the ability to perform and complete tasks around the house. That’s where YOU come in. YOU can make a difference in the life of someone in need. 

Need can take many different forms. For one individual, it looks like having someone clean her bathroom because with arthritis at age 80, scrubbing is almost impossible. For another, it looks like a veteran needing his grass cut because he lost a limb while serving in the Armed Forces. For another, it looks like having her laundry folded and entire apartment cleaned because she's a single mom, working 2 jobs to provide for her 3 small children.

Give Help. Give Hope. 



We were invited to sit down and chat with our friend, Nicole Cowan Buckley, host of the weekly radio program, Nashville by Nicole, on Nashville's Lightning 100. Check out the interview now to learn more about the heart of Second Helping! 



Inspiring the Revolution of Second.

We believe in the power of a story well told. The stories of real people and real lives, beautifully broken, human stories. Each tell of a different journey and a different struggle. But all tell the story of hope. 

Hope is not found in perfect people with perfect families. It cannot be seen in people who made all the right choices and found all the right answers. It’s found in the brokenness and the mess of real life. Hope is found when you are furthest from it, when you cannot see it or reach out and touch it. Hope is found in the darkness.

We believe the story of hope can change your life. Hope happens when you believe in a different story, a better telling of your purpose and place in life. We believe we tell that different story. It’s one that plays out through the raw stories of real people from every race, creed, and way of life who experienced God.

You are here for a reason. There is a story for you. A story like yours. Watch these stories in our films or read them on our blog. Whatever your struggle, you can find a story that speaks to you. Or talk to us. Call, chat, or email, 24 hours a day. 

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